Temporary Structures At Jamshedpur’s MGM Hospital Risky For General Public: Dr. Ajoy Kumar

Jamshedpur 14th Oct 2021: Former Jamshedpur MP and Congress Working Committee member Dr. Ajoy Kumar in a letter to Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta, has drawn attention to the poor building infrastructure at MGM Hospital in Jamshedpur.

In the letter, Dr. Ajoy Kumar said that several temporary structures have been built in MGM Hospital, which is completely dangerous, and all have become dilapidated and can cause huge damage in case of an accident.

The letter also cited the recent accident at MGM as an example of such mismanagement that the materials used to make such temporary structures are also of poor quality, and such poor materials can easily catch fire, similar to the one in the MGM hospital ward.

It has been said in the letter that while constructing such a temporary building, approval has not been received from the fire department. This kind of rejected construction in government hospitals is a matter of concern for us because if any accident happens, then the Jharkhand government can be defamed.

“How did the district administration approve such a dangerous structure in the hospital. The district administration needs to be held accountable and such negligence should be probed”  the letter asks.


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