Historic Fuel Price Difference In India From 2003 To 2021

Jamshedpur 12th Oct 2021: For the first time in Jharkhand, the price of petrol and diesel has reached its highest level. In four districts of the state where petrol has crossed 100, while in two districts diesel has also crossed the 100 mark. 

Tatanagarlive examined the price of petrol and diesel for the last 10 years and found that the price of petrol increased by an average of 5% every year and diesel by an average of 7.5% every year.

But in 2021, petrol and diesel saw the highest increase. 

While petrol increased by 25%, the price of diesel increased by about 33%. 

If we look at the price in rupees, in 2011, petrol was available for Rs 66.50 per liter, and diesel was Rs 39.63 per liter, whereas at present the price of petrol and diesel is around Rs 100 per liter.

In the last 18 Years, wherefrom levels of Rs 33.49 per Litre Petrol in April 2003, it rose to levels of Rs 100.17 per Litre in October 2021 and for the very first time in Oct 2021 to mark a century.

YearPetrol / LitreDiesel / LitreFuel Price Difference / Litre
2003Rs 33.49Rs 22.12Rs 11.37
2004Rs 35.71Rs 22.74Rs 12.97
2005Rs 37.99Rs 28.22Rs 9.77
2006Rs 43.5Rs 30.45Rs 13.05
2007Rs 43Rs 30.25Rs 12.75
2008Rs 45.5Rs 31.76Rs 13.74
2009Rs 44.7Rs 30.86Rs 13.84
2010Rs 48Rs 38.1Rs 9.9
2011Rs 66.50Rs 43.38Rs 23.12
2012Rs 67.82Rs 49.08Rs 18.74
2013Rs 71.78Rs 54.89Rs 16.89
2014Rs 67.24Rs 61.64Rs 5.6
2015Rs 64.85Rs 47.93Rs 16.92
2016Rs 66.89Rs 54.88Rs 12.01
2017Rs 70.14Rs 60.25Rs 9.89
2018Rs 78.58Rs 76.25Rs 2.33
2019Rs 71.68Rs 68.04Rs 6.15
2020Rs 80.73Rs 74.58Rs  6.15
2021Rs 100.17Rs 100.57Diesel Fuel for First Time Exceed price of Petrol
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