Health Minister Inspected The Beautification Plans Of Gandhi Maidan

Jamshedpur 11th Oct 2021: Jharkhand Health Minister and Jamshedpur West MLA Banna Gupta inspected the Gandhi Maidan area of ​​Mango to take stock of the beautification plans in the presence of Municipal Corporation officials.

After the inspection, the minister issued instructions to the Executive Officer of the Municipal Corporation, Deepak Sahay.

The work of beautification of Gandhi Maidan will be done by the State Urban Development and Housing Department.

The beautification work on nearly three-acre Gandhi Maidan on New Purulia Road in Mango assumes significance as it has a state-owned high school (Mahatma Gandhi High School) and the office of the Mango Notified Area Committee (the local urban body of Mango purveying the population of more than 3 lakh).

In addition, the grounds are used throughout the year to host public rallies, fairs during major festivals of various communities and Durga Puja.

The beautification plan, the tender for which will begin later this month, will include construction of slope inclination, laying of grass turf, planting of different varieties of flowering plants, and construction of grills to prevent cattle from munching on flowering plants, and construction of boundary walls.

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