Now Cycling Can Be Done On The Main Road, Not In The Park

Jamshedpur 3rd Oct 2021: A rake has been put in place on the rental cycling facility, which started about three years ago at Jubilee Park. This service is unannounced closed for the last six days.

Security personnel has forbidden cycling on the streets of the park. Cycling is allowed only on the main road of the park.

Due to this decree, people who enjoy regular cycling coming here for health are disappointed. Every day around 300 people used to take advantage of this service by spending Rs 15 an hour.

The security personnel said that cycling is allowed only on the main road of the park. Cycling is prohibited on other roads of the park.

At the same time, Jusco Corporate Communication declined to comment in this regard. To promote cycling, keeping in mind the health of the residents, Jusco and start-up company TILT started a cycling facility on hire on 21 December 2018 at Jubilee Park.

For this facility of cycle sharing, the residents of the city have to pay Rs 10 for half an hour and Rs 16 for an hour. To take advantage of the facility, one has to download the Tilt Dot Bike app from the Google Play Store.

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