Kharkai And Subarnarekha Rivers Are In Spate In Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur 15th Sept 2021: It has been raining continuously for two days in the entire state, including Jamshedpur.

The weather has become cooled due to the rain accompanied by strong winds. Kharkai and Subarnarekha rivers are in spate in Jamshedpur.

Kharkai has reached the danger level. Its water level reached 128.97 meters at 10 pm on Tuesday, while the danger level is 129 meters.

At the same time, Subarnarekha was flowing at the level of 119.12 meters. Its danger level is 121.50.

Meteorological Center Ranchi’s scientist Abhishek Anand has told that for the first time in this monsoon season, deep depression has formed, due to which the sequence of rains is continuing.

The low pressure in the Bay of Bengal has turned into a deep depression, whose effect is visible on Jharkhand.

However, the Meteorological Department has also said that the effect of rain will subside from Wednesday afternoon.

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