Police Seized The Car Of The Supervisor Of JUSCO

Jamshedpur 23rd July 2021: The traffic police Thursday launched a campaign against vehicles parked in the no-parking zone of the city.

The police seized the car of the supervisor of JUSCO parked in front of the SSP office.

After the information, the supervisor came out, till then the police had towed his car and took it for some distance.

Enraged at this, he stopped the construction work for the record room in the SSP office under the supervision of JUSCO.

The senior officers intervened and got the car recovered. Only after that, the work started.

Meanwhile, the police stopped the two vehicles and got the board removed after replacing the number plate of the vehicle with the party board in Sakchi.

Apart from this, the police collected a fine of Rs 1.35 lakh from 196 people for violating the rules.

Traffic DSP stated- In Bistupur, 9 people were caught without helmets, 4 without masks, and 14 for violating lockdown, 12 people were caught violating traffic rules.

In Sakchi, a fine of Rs. 21,500 was collected from 29 people, Rs. 28,000 in Jugsalai.

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