Journalists Face Challenges And Pressures To Expose The Truth: Dr. Ajoy Kumar

Jamshedpur 22nd July 2021: “The journalists who uphold the voice and plight of the people and thereby expose the darker aspects of reality are the targets of the central government. The writers will have to overcome challenges, pressures, and many other trials and tribulations to uncover the truth,” Congress Party’s national spokesperson and Jamshedpur MP Dr. Ajay Kumar said in a press release on Wednesday, July 21.

In his release, Dr. Ajoy cited the example of Ramgarh pen-pusher Rupesh Kumar Singh, who was a victim of spyware used by the central government. 

Rupesh Kumar Singh had written about a fake encounter in which Motilal Baskey, a poor tribal resident of Parasnath hill in Giridih, lost his life. 

The report had created a ruckus in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, and allegations and counter-allegations were made on Treasury benches. 

The report also led to a protest movement in Jharkhand. 

The national spokesperson of the Congress party mentioned that the impact of the news report by Rupesh Kumar Singh did not go down well with the government, and his phone was tapped and monitored, and he was arrested under the UAPA Act.

Quoting a report from ‘The Wire’, the former MP noted that after the Jharkhand Police reported the murder of an innocent tribal man in 2017, journalist Rupesh Kumar Singh’s three phone numbers appeared on the database through the use of spy software.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar, in his release, said, “The work of our journalists has never been a bed of roses. They face challenges and pressures in their determined endeavor to expose the truth. Journalists are targeted on several occasions. The time has come to unite at the national level to oppose such attacks on the fourth pillar of the country.”

Dr. Ajoy Kumar has written a letter to the Chief Minister of Jharkhand requesting that journalist Rupesh Kumar Singh be given compensation of Rs 10 lakh for mental torture to expose the truth.

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