Vendors Returned To Mangla Haat In Sakchi Market, Flouting The Rules

Jamshedpur 10th July 2021: The vendors have returned after flouting the rules for nearly three months at Mangala Haat in Sakchi market.

They are flouting the rules of social distancing. Shoppers and other visitors were also found disobeying the appropriate COVID treatment amid the threat of a possible third wave.

Due to the relaxation in police vigil, a large number of footpath vendors entered the commercial center after 9 am. 

For the first time in the last three months, the Sakchi market witnessed huge crowds today, most of whom came to shop from the sidewalk vendors.

The footpath vendors have been allotted a piece of land in the mango plantation ground of Sakchi for business. 

They have been using that land to sell their goods for the last three months. 

But, today suddenly, they reached their original place in Sakchi market in large numbers, causing chaos.

The then Dhalbhum SDO Nitesh Kumar Singh had taken strict steps and was instrumental in shifting the footpath vendors from Sakchi Bazar to the nearby Ambagan Maidan. 

Singh was transferred to the state tourism department following a notification from the state government on Monday.

Travelers and visitors have blamed the lack of coordination between JUSCO, JNAC, and the administration, due to which the threat of encroachment is troubling the visitors.

“We have been receiving several complaints that the marketplace in Sakchi has begun to return to its previous condition. But we have to keep it free from encroachment at any cost. So we are monitoring the market and also warning the foot-vendors not to try to trade on the pavement once again,” said an official.

He said that if any footpath vendor is found doing business on the streets inside the market, then the administration will take strict action. 

He also directed the Sakchi police to be vigilant in the market against any encroachment.

However, a police officer said that they drive to remove the vendors and also punish those found indulging in illegal parking.

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