Even 20,000 Ago, Corona Caused Havoc, DNA Analysis Reveals

Jamshedpur 27th June 2021: Even 20 thousand years ago, the coronavirus caused havoc. Then there was an outbreak of the dangerous virus in East Asia. The DNA of the ancestors was analyzed.
In the investigation, evidence of this has been found in the protein of DNA.
Scientists found that the changes seen in the DNA due to the virus in the people of that era are still visible due to Covid-19.
This claim has been made in research by International Researchers and The University of Queensland.
During the research, data from the 1000 Genomes Project related to humans was used.
It was tried to find out in which human genes the protein code associated with corona (SARS-Cov-2) infection has changed.

In the second part of the research, the DNA test report of the people of East Asia was put forward. Scientists found that the virus that spread the epidemic 20 thousand years ago was similar to the new coronavirus.

Researcher Kirill Alexandrov says, just as a lot can be told by looking at the ring present in the tree, in the same way, a thousand-year-old mystery can be detected from the human genome. Marks of change in DNA confirm this.

Researcher Kirill says, when such disease spread 20 thousand years ago, there was neither a medicine nor a vaccine for it.
Over time, the human body accepted this virus, and gradually it became neutral.

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