City Shops Will Open From Today After 41 Days

Jamshedpur 3rd June 2021: There is relief news for the people of the city. Jamshedpur will be unlocked on Thursday after 41 days in the second wave of Corona.
Shops will open except for clothes, footwear, jewellery, and cosmetics. Now, people will be able to shop for every item till two 2:00 pm.
The biggest relief will come from e-pass.
Earlier it was forbidden to leave the house without an e-pass. But the government has given exemption from this. Now people will be able to travel comfortably within their city and district.
However, there is still the compulsion of e-pass to go out of the district and the state.
The government has also not given any such relaxation, so that situations like overcrowding may arise.
By unlocking, the government has given a concession to the people, but still, one has to act with restraint. Overcrowding has to be avoided. Avoid leaving the house without a mask. Social distancing is also very important.

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