Deaths Due To Reduced Heart Pumping Capacity By 40 Percent

Jamshedpur 11th May 2021: In the second wave from the Covid, a new concern has emerged amid the rising recovery rate in Jharkhand. The corona is becoming an enemy of cured patients’ hearts.
In Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and Dhanbad, deaths of such infected have been reported, which were cured.
According to statistics, in these three districts, 104 people who returned home after recovering in April died of cardiac arrest.
As per doctors, there are frequent cases in which the oxygen level of cured patients is suddenly falling.
Other parts of the body are also being affected. Heart failure fails due to low oxygen levels.
According to cardiologists, such problems are coming to the same patients who had suffered a complication during the COVID.
No such problems have yet been found in Covid’s normal patients.

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