1025 Fresh COVID Cases, 911 Recoveries, And 25 Deaths In The City

Jamshedpur 9th May 2021: In a record increase amidst the rising of Covid cases, a total of 1025 fresh cases were reported on Saturday.
For the first time during the second Covid-19 wave in Jamshedpur, record cases have been reported.
However, 25 corona patients died while 911 patients recovered from the virus.
Of the 25 patients who died on Saturday, 24 are from the urban area.
In the 5731 sample examination, 1025 new patients were found at the rate of 17.89%.
Now, the number of infected in the district has reached 41827.
So far, 34236 patients have beaten the coronavirus.
At present, the number of active patients in the district is 6772.
In all aspects, including Corona’s dabbling, growth rate, mortality, Jamshedpur’s condition is worse than that of the country and the state.

East Singhbhum has also overtaken Delhi and Maharashtra in terms of mortality.

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