Corona’s New Mutant RT-PCR’s Success, Reduced from 90% to 70%

Jamshedpur 24th April 2021: The second wave of the corona is very dangerous, and the rate of spread is high. 

The Corona investigation (RT-PCR) at the first wave was reported to have 90% sample investigation reported success. Only 10% saw a change in the report due to some reasons. 

However, in the second wave, this figure has come down to 70%, i.e., there are 30 people out of 100 whose reports are coming negative, but the symptoms are positive in them. Such people strictly follow the rules and keep themselves isolated till their health improves,  said Dr. Rajan Chaudhary, Advisor, Tata Steel Medical Services.

Addressing a teleconference on Friday, Dr. Rajan informed that 46 coronae infected have died in TMH in the last three days. 

Among those who died were 21 aged 40 to 60, 22 patients aged 60 to 80. Patients aged 60 to 80 or above had other serious illnesses in addition to corona infection, including uncontrolled diabetes.

Despite this, doctors, nurses, medical staff treating corona patients at TMH are also getting infected. 

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