Government May Impose A Half-Day Mini Lockdown In Jharkhand

Jamshedpur 20th April 2021: The Jharkhand government is now considering a half-day mini lockdown. 

That means the markets will be open every day for half a day and from noon onwards the markets will be closed. 

Chief Minister Hemant Soren has indicated this during a conversation with a private channel. 

The Chief Minister said- “The experience has been gained from the last lockdown. The number of poor laborers and small laborers is more, and they may have problems. We do not want to do such a panic. We are considering a half-day curfew, in which the market will remain open in the first half, and curfew will be imposed in the second half.” 

On this issue, the Chief Minister also spoke to the officials on Monday.

After the announcement of a week’s curfew in Delhi, churning is going on here too. 

It can be announced on Tuesday whether the lockdown will impose or not.

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