Kadma murder: Jamshedpur Police Arrest Accused From Bank In Dhanbad

Jamshedpur 17th April 2021: Accused of killing wife and two girls, a tuition teacher in Kadma Teesta Road Quarter 97, caught in the Dhanbad on 5th day.

The incident was carried out by the accused on April 11-12. 

On Friday, the police have been arrested him from private bank premises in Dhanbad.

Jamshedpur police have left for Dhanbad after getting information.

As soon as the police came to know about Deepak Kumar’s whereabouts, they passed the information to their counterparts in the Dhanbad and got accused in police custody on Friday afternoon.

 Jamshedpur police were continuously raiding different cities for Deepak’s arrest. 

But he was sitting and hiding in Dhanbad. 

At the same time, the secret of murder is also likely to arise.

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