Notice to 33 Shops, Big Action Will Be Taken Today

Jamshedpur 12th April 2021: In urban areas on Sunday, the three bodies took action and issued notices to 33 shops.
These shops were open after eight o’clock at night, and social distancing was not followed in some shops during the day.
However, only three shops have been sealed so far.
Already, a notice was issued to close the shops at eight o’clock. Despite this, shopkeepers kept their shops open till 8:30 P.M.
After 8:00 P.M., patrolling was done in various places of the city.
It records the shops that were opened, and probably those shopkeepers will be summoned on Monday.
Nonetheless, the shops, which have completed the 72-hour seal period, were opened on Sunday with instructions that the shops have to follow the COVID rules.

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