Tata Group Shortlisted For Air India Bids

Jamshedpur 1st April 2021: The government has set a target to sell Air India by the end of this year. Under this, in May, the government will choose the buyer, and within six months, the management of Air India will be handed over to the new buyer.

Tata group and Spicejet had expressed interest in buying out Air India and the two have now been shortlisted for the same.

Chances are high that Air India will return to its founder, the Tatas.

Therefore, it is estimated that the process of calling for financial tender for the sale of Air India will be started soon.

After analyzing the financial position of Air India, Tata Group and SpiceJet will make financial bids.

Through the bids, they will have to make clear the amount of debt of the carrier they are willing to take on and the amount of upfront payment they can make.

However, in this regard, they will have to pay at least 15% as an upfront amount, and the remaining loan amount will be transferred to Air India Asset Holdings Limited.

Under the present circumstances, the owner will be chosen based on the group which quotes the highest economic value for Air India.


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