Encroachment Removed From Khasmahal, Golpahadi, And Sundernagar, 18 Acres Of Land Occupied

Jamshedpur 25th Mar 2020: On Wednesday, the administration forcibly removed the people who had been occupying government land in Khasmahal for 15 days.
During the removal of the encroachers, there were also light noises. Police broke bamboo, plastic, and siege imposed for meddling on the ground.
On Wednesday, along with SDM Nitish Kumar Singh, City SP Subhash Chandra Jat, a special campaign was conducted in addition to Khasmahal and tight security in Golpahadi and Sundernagar.
About 18 acres of government land has encroached on the campaign, which lasted from 10 am to 4 pm.
This is the second time campaign has been organized in Khasmahal.
Police detained 84 villagers who were protesting against encroachment next to the Khasmahal Jagannath Temple at around eleven and a quarter hours on Wednesday morning and sent them to the Galudih Camp Jail. During this period, 12 bicycles, half a dozen cots, bamboo balls, rope, utensils, and other items were seized.
A case has been registered against 84 people on the statement of CI Balwant Singh of the zone for protesting against the removal of encroachment, obstructing government work, and occupying government land.

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