Government Imposed A Fine Of 17 Lakhs On The City Company

Jamshedpur 23rd Mar 2020: MLA Saryu Rai raised the issue of disturbances in the supply of taffy and purchase of T-shirts from Ludhiana for distribution of children in schools on Jharkhand Foundation Day in the year 2016 in the State Legislative Assembly.
On this, it was informed by the government that in the investigation of the case, the private company of Jamshedpur, which supplied the taffy, found a penalty of Rs 17 lakh, finding the owner of Dashi, Lala Enterprises.
At the same time, the purchase of T-shirts from Ludhiana will also be investigated.
At the same time, Saryu Rai also took up the matter of giving non-official persons in the name of the special branch of police in February 2018 and the matter of fen tapping.

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