Situ Pond Is Being Beautified With One Crore, Park Will Be Built There

Jamshedpur 22nd Mar 2020: Situ Pond, the oldest wire company in the Telco region, is being beautified. Courtesy of Tata Steel, the wire company management is making this pond state-of-the-art.

Along with the pond, a park will also be built there, where there will be better arrangements for people to sit, walk and play with children.

The work has started on this one crore project. 

In the first phase, dirty water is being drained out of the pond. After that, the work will be done to increase the depth of the pond. 

On the other hand, an artificial mountain will be made, which will be quite attractive to see. The beautifying sensor of the pond is quite famous for its superior work in the region. It has also received awards from many places.

The water fountain will be seen in the pond. There will be lighting at night so that people can enjoy the park. 

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