Good News Of Renewal Of Surda Mines Is Expected To Be Received Today

Jamshedpur 15th Mar 2020: The good news about the lease renewal of Surda Mines is expected to be received today.
The Secretary of the State Government Mining Department of Lease had demanded the undertaking letter from HCL management, the letter has been given by HCL Managing Director, Arun Shukla, in the name of Mines Secretary.
If sources are to be believed, on Monday, HCL’s ICC unit head Sanjay Singh will take this letter and go to the Ranchi mines secretary so that the pending renewal case can proceed.
If sources are to be believed, MLA Ramdas Soren has also telephoned the CMD on this issue and will likely go to Ranchi with the MLA.

In the under-taking letter, HCL management will give a written assurance that in the ongoing dispute with the Department of Mining in the Surda Mines case, which has imposed a fine of about Rs 950 crore. In this case, the decision of the Ministry of Mines on the dispute settlement will be valid.

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