Jubilee Park’s Main Road Will Be Closed Forever

Jamshedpur 14th March 2020: The main road connecting the Sakchi-CH area via Jubilee Park has been closed forever. This is the first time since the park was set up in 1958 that the road is set to be completely closed.
The administration and Tata Steel have planned to keep the safety of those who roam the park. It may be formally announced on Monday.
After this, the park will be opened to the general public.
DC Suraj Kumar said that vehicles going from Bishtupur end to Sakchi used to pass inside the park. The high speed of vehicles stunting often led to accidents. The greatest danger was to morning-evening walkers and children. Therefore, this decision was taken.
Despite this, a plan is underway to implement a variety of facilities for the residents by closing the vehicle’s entry into the park.

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