Bank Of India ATM Burnt At Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 12th March 2020: A sudden fire broke out at Bank of India’s ATM near the railway gate at Govindpur in Jamshedpur at around 5 pm on Thursday.
In this incident, the ATM was completely gutted.
Though, the fire was controlled with the help of local people.
Millions of rupees kept in ATMs were also burnt.
After some time, the fire was brought under control by the time it reached Govindpur Police. The police have informed the bank personnel about the case.
There is a possibility that a fire has occurred due to a short circuit.
According to people, after the halt of rain and storm, there was a sudden smoke coming out of the ATM. The machine caught fire on seeing it. People filled the bucket with water from their homes and somehow extinguished the fire.

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