Bank Unions Announce Four-Day Strike From March 13

Jamshedpur 12th March 2020: Banks will remain closed for four days from March 13. There will be a strike from 13th March to 16th March.
Bank employees will be on strike from 15th March to 16th March against the privatization of banks by the central government.
Due to this, there will be no functioning in banks.
The strike has been announced by the United Forum of Bank Unions, a group of various bank unions.
Protests against privatization, demonstrations, badge-wearing, posturings are calling for the public to join the movement.
Despite this, Jharkhand Gramin Bank will also remain closed in support of the strike.
Before this, the bank staff procession will leave at 5.30 pm on Friday.

Therefore, people should complete the necessary work of the bank on Friday.

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