Jamshedpur MP Meets Union Labour Minister Over Finance Bill

Jamshedpur 10th March 2020: Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahato met Union Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar on Tuesday in connection with the imposition of income tax on the amount earned above 2.5 lakh on the contribution of employees to the Provident Fund.
The MP was also accompanied by Tata Workers Union President Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhary and General Secretary Satish Singh.
MP Bidyut Baran Mahato raised the demand to reconsider the proposal to abolish the tax exemption on interest income earned to the proposed amendment in PF in which those employees whose contribution to the PF in the new Finance Bill 2021 exceeds 2.5 lakh annually will be debarred from tax rebate will have an unfortunate effect on the worker’s community and informed that several trade unions are raising this issue and the government should think twice before introducing the amendments in the bill so that retired employees can lead a good life with the help of the PF amount.
Mr. Santosh listened to the MP and said that the matter will put before the departmental officials for proper discussion and suitable decision in the public interest.

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