Worker Sons To Be Reinstated By The End Of March At Tata Steel

Jamshedpur 9th March 2020: The reinstatement process for the 175-odd staff sons at Tata Steel will begin by the last week of March at Tata Steel.
The age limit will not change. Registered employees aged 18–42 years old can apply for reinstatement. The minimum educational qualification should be a matriculation pass.
The final decision has been made between the union and the management, and the preparation is complete.
Former union president R.K. Ravi Prasad signed a grade revision agreement in September 2019.
It was decided that in three years, the management will reinstate 500 registered employee sons.
Though 175-175 will be restored in the first two years from 2020 to 2023 and 150 posts in the third year.
The management had laid down the rules for reinstatement in November-2019.
After March 20, it is assumed to issue a circular for reinstatement.

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