Jamshedpur Proposes To Start Metro Neo Facilities On The Lines Of Metro Trains

Jamshedpur 7th Feb, 2021: Along with the capital Ranchi, Jamshedpur is also planning to introduce the convenience of Metro Neo on the lines of the metro train to make travel easier for the common people.
Durga Shankar Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, has sought its proposal from the state government and said that there is a need to work extensively in the direction of public transport and water supply to every household.
The Central Government will soon launch several schemes for this.
He said these things while examining the central plans with officials of the city development department in the project building of Ranchi on Friday.

Following this directive from the Union Secretary, the state government will commence the facility of Metro in Jamshedpur after Ranchi in the first phase. The city development department is planning to prepare its blueprint.

Tata Steel will also have a role to play with the government when it starts in Jamshedpur. However, no information has been said by Tata Steel at this time.

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