Jharkhand Government Is All Set To Launch Adityapur Electronic Cluster, 45000 Jobs Is Expected

Jamshedpur 5th Feb, 2021: Jharkhand government is all set to inaugurate and present eastern India its first and biggest Electronic Manufacturing Cluster in Adityapur Industrial Area. 

The government aims to make it a hub of electronic manufacturing units. Multiple units in the province have already started operating on their production plans. 

Further, the government plans to bring investments into the state and usher employment opportunities for the experienced youth of Jharkhand through this EMC project.

Heretofore 23 units have been allotted land in EMC to start their units and the process of granting land to 4 units is undertaken. 

The factory is being developed by 23 entrepreneurs. If all the entrepreneurs in the electronic manufacturing cluster install their units, then about 20 thousand direct and about 25 thousand indirect jobs will be generated and investment of about 500 crore rupees will be assured in Jharkhand.

Now, the present government is completely concentrated on the electronic manufacturing cluster. 

CM Soren has ordered the Secretary of Industry to constantly monitor the project development and secure the facility for coming investors. 

Therefore, the Secretary of Industry has issued imminent directives to all the officials to visit the clusters and promote new investments.

As per the JIADA authority, the land worth at EMC is valued at Rs 90 Lakh/acre, but to felicitate investors and produce employment opportunities the land block is being allotted at a subsidy of 50%. While flatted factory units can be paid at a rate of Rs 15/Sq. ft.

Apart from this campus, an attractive feature is the state of the art entrance gate attached to the Administrative Building of EMC. A separate office for the EMC officials has been built within the campus premises. To facilitate Electronic Manufacturing Units operating at EMC, a warehouse has been constructed for the use of flattened factories to store their product.

The government is aiming to attract electronic chip making companies. Apart from chips making units, space will also be granted for the manufacturing of LED TVs, LED bulbs, and electronic parts used in mobile and automobiles.

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