MTMH Jamshedpur Continues To Widen Horizons In Cancer Care

Jamshedpur 3rd Feb, 2021: MTMH, a cancer hospital at Jamshedpur established in 1975, has been implementing comprehensive cancer care to patients of this region.

Besides serving the people of Jharkhand, it stretches its aids to Government and Public Sector enterprises such as SAIL, CCL, NML, Railways, etc. 

Over the years, the increasing number of cancer patients and improvement in cancer care gag the need for enlargement and up-gradation of the hospital.

However, Tata Trusts signed a project to upgrade MTMH from a 72- bedded cancer hospital to a wide 128-bedded cancer care convenience in 2017.

For a year, a new extension building has come up in the TMH campus, connected to MTMH by a sky bridge. 

The two buildings collectively house a complete cancer care facility, including an OPD, Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy wards, Day Care chemotherapy ward, and Pritpal Palliative Care Centre.

The old wards have been renewed and hospital furniture reinstated by new, advanced versions. Hospital equipment has been obtained to furnish wards with the most advanced technology. 

The number of beds has increased from 72 to 128. There is a 40- bedded daycare ward that will serve the long-standing patient need for the short hospital stay.

Also, a state of the art True Beam radiotherapy machine has considerably enhanced the ability of the center to treat patients with the most superior and precise radiation therapy.

A PET-CT machine has been installed. This is the only one in Jharkhand and is an extraordinary diagnostic arm that allows early cancer detection and recurrence. 

The brachytherapy equipment, used to deliver intra-cavitary radiation also has been replaced.

MTMH, together with TMH implements comprehensive cancer care to patients in the state.

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