Education Department Will Check The Papers Of The Four Schools In The City

Jamshedpur 4th Feb, 2021: The Department of Education is strict against the missionary schools of the city, which have escaped the Right to Education Act by claiming to be a minority-class school.
The city’s Loyola, Sacred Heart Convent, Carmel Junior College, and Little Flower School reserve 25 seats for children belonging to the underprivileged class, not to consider themselves as minority schools, nor to comply with other points of RTE.
The department will analyze the above schools are minority schools or just telling themselves to be minority schools to avoid the Right to Education.
Surprisingly, these schools have automatically commissioned minority schools, and they have not yet given the correct documents to the Education Department in favor.
That’s why the department will get their minority schools conducted to know if their claim is right or not.
Under the Supreme Court order, minority schools are exempted from the RTE Act. Many schools in the city are taking benefit of this.

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