Dr. Ajay Said Rameshwar Oraon Should Apologize Without Delay

Jamshedpur 1st Feb 2021: The Finance Minister of Jharkhand and the state president of Congress, Dr. Rameshwar Oraon, stated on Friday that Marwari and Biharis have occupied the land of tribals in the city. There is a strong reaction from the Marwari community about this. 

Then the statement of the Congress National Spokesperson, Dr. Ajay Kumar has come on this matter.

He has said that it can be the thinking of any individual, not the Congress. The All India Congress Committee thinks that Hindu Muslim Sikh Christians are brothers. Rameshwar Oraon’s statement is contrary to the Congress ideology and acts to hurt the soul of the Congress. 

Dr. Ajay clarified that Biharis and Marwaris have a remarkable contribution to the development of the state of Jharkhand. The upliftment of tribal natives is very valuable, so should the advancement of other castes and religions as well, this is the ideology of the Congress party.

Dr. Ajay Kumar announced clearly that the Congress, the oldest party in Indian history, still believes in connecting, not breaking. It is worth remembering that when India is one, then every state, people of every district, and every religion and caste are also the same. 

Dr. Ajay Kumar said that this statement has been made by the State President and Finance Minister of Jharkhand, Dr. Rameshwar Oraon, then publicly apologize immediately.

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