Kendadih Mines Set A Record In Mining Development

Jamshedpur 31st Jan, 2021: Hindustan Copper Limited Kendadih Mines has set a new record in the field of mining development.

360 m of mines have been developed in December, which is still a record.
It is to be known that a total of 12000 m mining development work is being done by Maheshwari Mining Private Limited at Kendadih Mines in which 6000 m Raz (below) and 6000 m drive (direct) mining development is to be done.
So far, a total of 7 thousand meters of mining development has been completed. This work is to be completed by March.
Consequently, according to the development of 12 meters per day in December, 360 meters funds development was done in a month. This is a new chapter in Kendadih Mines. Hindustan Copper Limited intends to produce from Kendadih mines from April.
For this persistence, agile development work is being done.
Right now, one hundred and fifty tons of copper ore is being obtained from development work every day.

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