Tata Steel Republic Day Celebration

Jamshedpur 27th Jan, 2021: Republic Day celebrations were held at the Tata Steel in which VP Sanjeev Paul, Health and Sustainability of Tata Steel, hoisted the national flag and took the salute.
After that, he paid homage to the late Jamsetji Nasranwanji Tata, Satt Dorabji Tata, and JRD Tata, the founders of the Tata group, and to bring about the industrial revolution along with the independence of the country.
On this occasion, there was not much crowd due to COVID-19.
He stated that Tata Steel has always been working on the desire to convert challenges into opportunities. The company continues to face challenges and will grow even further.

He said that 60 companies of Tata Steel and Tata Group are working together in the direction of climate change and environmental protection, which will also have a positive impact.
On this occasion, Tata Steel VP Sudha Pathak, Chairman of Tata Workers Union, Ati Ravi Prasad, General Secretary Satish Singh, Deputy President Arvid Pandey, and others were present before VP Sajeev Paul also took the patted salute.

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