MP Demands HCL To Start Production Of Moubhandar In ICC

Jamshedpur 27th Jan, 2021: MP Vidyarvana Mahato has started pressurizing the management to start production at HCL’s Indian Copper Complex (ICC) plant in Moubhandar.
MP Bidyut Baran Mahato met the company’s finance director SK Bandopadhyay at HCL Headquarters, Kolkata on Monday who is also in charge of the director in HR mines and operations.
He discussed many issues regarding the Moubhandar plant and demanded the management to start production at the Moubhandar plant.
He said that production work in the plant has been closed for the last one year, due to which there is an atmosphere of dissatisfaction among the permanent and temporary workers of ICC.
More than 500 contract laborers have been facing unemployment since the year after production stopped.
About 350 contract laborers are getting employment for only 9-12 days a month.
It is becoming difficult to maintain the family in front of the contract laborers struggling with financial constraints. From the education of children to the marriage of daughters, it is not possible.
HCL, which has the distinction of being the only integrated copper manufacturing company in India, is not operating as per its identity.
The MP said that the ICC plant is the only means of employment in Moubhandar and surrounding areas.
HCL should start production at the plant as soon as possible. So that contract laborers get proper employment.

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