Sonari Kanderbeda Road Will Be Converted Into Four-Lane: Saryu Rai

Jamshedpur 24th Jan, 2021: MLA Saryu Rai had a meeting with CM Hemant Soren in Ranchi regarding the road widening of Jamshedpur.
Saryu Rai has given recommendations to keep Jamshedpur jam-free. He said that there is daily traffic in the mango.
The government should make quick efforts to construct a flyover from the Mango roundabout to Dimna Road and Post Office Road crossing.
However, a flyover is to be built on NH-33 from Pardih to Ballyguma via Dimna roundabout.
At the same time, it was declared to increase the width of the Sonari-Kanderbeda road from 40-100 feet and build a four-lane bridge there. The pressure of vehicles is high on this route.
Therefore Kanderbeda Bridge should be converted into Fourlane.

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