Explosion In Tata Steel, Two Employees Scorched

Jamshedpur 19th Jan, 2021: Two employees scorched in a massive blast at the Tata Steel Company campus on Monday at 12.30 pm. These include a supervisor and an employee.
At the same time, two employees were moderately injured by Hot Metal. Theu returned to work after first aid.
According to the staff present on the spot, the pit caught fire during slag pulling and this caused a slight explosion in the torpedo.
The sound of this blast inside the company premises was so loud that the whole atmosphere resonated. There was chaos in the surrounding people due to loud smoke from the voice.
Company management says no damage has been caused to any operating plant or equipment from the incident.
For this kind of incident does not result in death.
Tata Steel management says that they are committed to protecting thier plant and employees. They are always striving to provide safe workplace to their employees.
At the same time, the factory inspector has also asked to investigate from his level in this whole matter.

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