Arjun Munda Got Skotch Award From The Central Tribal Ministry

Jamshedpur 17th Jan, 2021: The Central Tribal Ministry, run under the BJP’s strong leader Arjun Munda of Jharkhand, has been given the award of the country’s best ministry. This award has been given to work for the students of the tribal community through Information and Technology (IT). 

Union Minister Arjun Munda shared this achievement of his Scotch Gold Award during a conversation with journalists at Ghosbandha in Jamshedpur on Saturday.

The Union Minister shared his experiences and said that getting the award is a matter of pride for his ministry, as officials have shown work in the tribal ministry amid limited manpower.

It was only due to the hard work and teamwork of the officials. 

While the award has been given by the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs for providing scholarships to 64 lakh students of India through a total of five scholarship schemes through digital. 

On receiving the award, he has also expressed his gratitude to the entire ministry and PM Modi.

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