Encroachment Will Be Removed Soon From The City

Jamshedpur 16th Jan, 2021: All the main roads and markets of the city will be encroached upon. Roadside shops will be removed. 

The campaign will begin with Sakchi, Kadama, Sonari, and Bishtupur. A campaign will be started by the district administration to free the roadside encroachment in these areas soon. 

Tata Steel has sought help from the administration to exclude the encroachment from the Department of Land and Marketing. 

After the deployment of a magistrate and adequate police force from the district administration, a campaign will be started to remove the illegal construction.

However, the work of widening the major roads of the city is underway these days. Encroachment is becoming an obstacle in many places in this sequence. 

The drive to remove encroachment will start soon. So that the traffic system of the city can be improved by widening the major roads.

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