Face Recognition Cameras Will Be Installed At 40 Places To Search For Rogues

Jamshedpur 16th Jan, 2021: Police will install a face recognition camera at 40 places in the city to search for thieves and miscreants.
It will be installed at 624 locations in the city and surroundings of about 80 crores.
Now the police will not charge a fine on the roadside for violating the traffic rules. With the help of the camera, the picture of those violating the traffic rules will be taken, and send the amount of the fine directly to their house, and legal action will be taken against those who do not deposit the amount of the fine.
Apart from this, cameras will also be installed on the entry and exit routes of the city. So that those who enter and exit the city can be monitored.
However, CCTV cameras will also be installed in the city’s colleges, educational institutions, and parks. There will also be a camera at the religious place.

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