Jamshedpur Sucide

Barber Commits Sucide In Jamshedpur, Hangs Himself In Saloon – Who Is Responsible ?

Jamshedpur 24th Aug, 2020: Faced with financial constraints, a 29-years-old barber named as Shyam Thakur committed suicide by hanging himself in his saloon in Sonari Guddi Bazaar. He was a resident of Ramnagar Road No. 2.

His body was recovered on Sunday morning.

His brother told that Shyam did not reach home till late night on Saturday. Looking for them, they came to the saloon and noticed that the shop was not locked and the shutter was dropped.

His brother went inside the shop and saw that his brother, Shyam hanging from the fan. As per his brother Shyam was sad and depressed as the saloons were not allowed to open due to COVID-19

Significantly, all the saloons are closed since March due to lockdown.

The barbers has appealed to the society administration to allow them to open the saloon.

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