Hemant Soren

COVID-19 : 311 New Cases And All Ministers Of The State Including Chief Minister Quarantine

Jamshedpur 20th Aug, 2020: In East Singhbhum , 13 corona positives have lost their lives on Wednesday in which 11 people were from Jamshedpur and 311 new cases were found.

So far, the total positive population in the district has increased to 4466.

On the other side, all the ministers of the state along with the chief minister are quarantined except the Mithilesh Thakur.

They will be home quarantined for the next four to five days.

The Chief Minister has taken this decision after Health Minister Banna Gupta was confirmed to be corona infected on Tuesday.

Since, the minister also attended the cabinet meeting on Tuesday evening. After the meeting, he met the Chief Minister and also met all the other ministers.

After this, on behalf of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, all the ministers have been instructed to stay in quarantine and all the ministers including the Chief Minister had attended the cabinet meeting.

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