Adityapur Industrial Area

Adityapur Will Directly Manufacture Bulletproof Jacket & Equipments For Indian Army

Jamshedpur 13th Aug, 2020: The recent decision of the Central Government has provided a huge opportunity in the defense sector for the industries of the Adityapur Industrial Area.

By the way, some of the industries in Adityapur Industrial Area are already involved in the supply of products for defence and railways. Currently, more than two dozen companies making indirect defense products through Tata Motors. Now, under the self-sufficient India campaign, the central government has stopped importing 101 products used in the defense sector. Due to this, there will be a lot of good opportunities for the industry.

The industry says that due to the ban on imports, there will be a lot of demand for the supply of electronics items used in the defense sector.

An electronics manufacturing cluster has been established in Adityapur. But its progress has been hampered by the lockdown. Night vision goggles, early alarm system states are several electronics items that will be produced in Adityapur for the Indian Army. Many products including high altitude food, high protein food can be prepared here which is in great demand in defense.

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