Jamshedpur Sucide

93 People Committed Suicide In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 10th Aug, 2020: Depression has become a big problem in the social environment. People are committing suicide on deepening depression. A large number of people are depressed for various reasons during the corona period and the ongoing lockdown.

During this period, cases of suicide have also increased from normal days. For example, in Jharkhand, an average of 1500 people commit suicide every year, whereas this time the number of people who commit suicide has crossed a thousand in just 6 months. That means, an average of 5 people commits suicide every day.

Meanwhile, 93 people committed suicide this year only in Jamshedpur(excluding Adityapur and other outer areas), whereas 159 people did in 2019.

In fact, due to the Corona crisis and the Lockdown, on one hand,  people are afraid of losing their jobs and on the other hand are overburden by their financial needs and repayment of loans. Police file statistics show that the number of men who commit suicide is twice that of women.

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