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Hospitals Shuts/ Beds Full In Major Hospital Of Jamshedpur Due To COVID-19

Jamshedpur 8th Aug, 2020: Health services in the city are deteriorating. Now Corona patients are also not getting beds. The main reason for this is 213 doctors and health workers of several private hospitals in the city, including MGM, TMH, are tested corona positive.

There is scarcity of beds in TMH and MGM. All the beds are now full. Patients are having problem and now they returned to their home.

The wife of a priest living in Bistupur was undergoing dialysis in Brahmanand Hospital. With the closure of the hospital, the family approached several hospitals for dialysis, but none did dialysis. Right now this patient is battling between life and death at home.

Let’s have a look the situation of the big hospitals and nursing homes in the city

  1. Brahmanand Hospital: Patients are not being admitted after a dozen employees, including three doctors of Brahmanand Hospital found positive. At the same time, those who were already admitted are being discharged. This hospital treats heart, kidney, cancer and medicine.
  2. Mercy Hospital: The staff including doctors of Bardih Mercy Hospital have gone positive. The hospital was shut. But now after opening, only those patients are now being admitted who came after corona examination.
  3. Sadar Hospital: COVID-19 positive Patients are coming to the hospital for treatment of other disease and the corona is being spread from the patients to medical staff, The X-ray technician have also been tested COVID-19 positive. The hospital is shut for 2 hours everyday for sanitisation and Delivery area of the hospital has been shut
  4. MGM Hospital: About 70 employees including doctors are positive. Four out of six doctors admitted to the COVID-19 ward are positive. At the same time, 17 doctors on contract have stopped coming due to the end of time. The bed here is packed.
  5. T.M.H Hospital: Most of the ward of TMH have been converted and are being used as COVID-19 Ward. All beds for COVID-19 are now full in T.M.H
  6. Seva Sadan: Seva Sadan hospital of Dimna Chowk is now shut after a doctor and a nurse found COVID-19 positive.
  7. Tinplate Hospital: The wards in Tinplate hospital are being converted to COVID-19 ward after the discharge of patient. Due to this, patients for other disease are facing problem.

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