Tata Danapur Express

Danapur-Tata Express Train Closed From Today

Jamshedpur 13th June, 2020: According to the the Ministry of Railway, Danapur-Tata train has been shut from today. The railway administration has canceled 256 travel tickets booked through the counter and the amount will be refunded to also those who have booked the travel tickets even after Monday .

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In this regard, on the instructions of Railway board, the Commerce officer of the Dapu railway administration has been asked to follow the necessary instructions.

From 1st June, 2020, Danapur-Tata super COVID-19 started operations of 200 trains including 19 special trains. This was the only train to start from Tatanagar railway station.

Only after the further decision from the railway board the operations of the next train from Tatanagar railway station to Patna will be disclosed.

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