Sakchi Market Corona

Administration Shows Strictness On The Street Vendors To Control COVID-19

Jamshedpur 9th July, 2020: Despite the restrictions, the shopkeepers had set up their footpath stalls on the sidewalk of Sakhchi Market. On Wednesday, Seeing this the district administration shows strictness and forced the shopkeepers to remove stalls from Sakchi market.

The administration has instructed the street vendors to set up their stalls in Aam Bagan, Sakchi as it would be easy to maintain social distancing over there and the area can  also be sanitised after the market closes in the evening but only five or six shopkeepers of Sakchi have put up their stall in Aambagan Maidan and rest all continued selling in Sakchi market.

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Yesterday, Administration raided pathway sellers in the Sakchi market. The district administration did this to reduce congestion and control the spread of COVID-19 as social distancing is not maintained in these stalls nor mask and sanitisers are being used by these vendors or customers.

Due to disobeying orders, the district administration took action on them and warned them that an FIR would be registered if they further continue the same.

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