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No Entry For Natives Without Passes In East Singhbhum, Raids Will Be Conducted In Markets

Jamshedpur 9th July,2020: The spread of the novel coronavirus is increasing every passing day. On seeing this, a meeting was chaired by Deputy Commissioner, Ravishankar Shankar Shukla and SSP M.Tamilvanan regarding “how to reduce the COVID-19 cases” in the presence of Incident Commander, administration and the police authorities.

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In meeting, it was said that many had been sneaking inside the state through alternative routes and are proceeding towards east singhbhum through different districts of the state. But from now onwards the natives attempting to enter the state without passes will be stopped at the border. No one can enter east singhbhum without pass or with a pass for another districts.

The State government has passed strict instructions in a meeting to follow the guidelines of unlock compliance and the administration have decided to conduct raids at different public places like markets and shops where social distancing are being violated.

The authorities will  survey and conducts raids form 04:00Pm -09:00 Pm in markets to see if social distancing is maintained. The administration will take strict action if social distancing is not maintained and guidelines for COVID-19 are not followed .

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After the meeting following instruction were issued for the public and administration:

  • Raid will be conducted from 04:00pm -09:00 pm
  • Banquet Hall & Community Hall will remain close
  • Events and Inauguration Ceremony will be prohibited
  • Instructed to not eat food near stalls and vans instead take home delivery
  • 1 person one bike and only 2 passengers allowed on Auto Rickshaw
  • Don’t step out of the house unnecessarily
  • Use mask and sanitisers.
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