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Hotel Alcor: Rajiv Duggal Along With Six Other Granted Bail By Jharkhand High Court

Jamshedpur 6th July, 2020: Jharkhand High Court granted bail to seven people including the Hotel’s owner Rajiv Duggal on Monday in the case of indulging in flesh trade in his hotel premises and in violation of the lockdown. 

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Those who have received bail include Dhananjay Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumar Mangotia alias Laddu Mangotia, Rahul Kumar Agarwal, Rajkumar Agarwal alias Raju Bhalotia, Sharad Poddar and Deepak Agarwal. Rajat Jaggi’s bail application has not been heard yet. The High Court may take two days for them to get out of prison.

After getting all the orders from the High Court, the Jamshedpur Court will issue an order for their release on Wednesday.

“The release process will start after getting bail on Tuesday,” said the two advocates Mr.Harsh Pandey and Sudhir Kumar Pappu who are representing the case in Jamshedpur.

The hotel owner Rajiv Duggal and a well-known railway contractor have applied to seek dismissal of the FIR lodged against the accused at Bistupur police station on the complaint of CCR DSP Arvind Kumar and getting relief from the case which has been filed by the Bistupur police. On 24th and 25th April, the hotel was sealed in lockdown by the police team and the administrative officers in which Rajat Jaggi, Deepak Agarwal, and Railway contractor Mangotia were caught by the police from the hotel. The owner of Hotel Alcor Rajiv Duggal, hotel manager Dhananjay Singh Kumar, Rahul Kumar, Sharad Poddar, and a girl from Kolkata who was staying at the hotel on that time was arrested. However, the girl was granted bail on 2nd June, 2020.

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