Bhuiyandih corona last rituals jamshedpur

Breaking News: Huge Tension While Performing The Last Rites Of Corona Patient in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 5th July, 2020: After the death of COVID-19 positive person on Saturday in Tata Men Hospital (TMH), the family refused to accept the body and perform the last rituals after which the administration took the responsibility of funeral.

Huge crowd gathered and demanded that the last rites should not be performed in Bhuiyandih.

Peoples said that this is a dense populated area and if the contagious disease will spread in this area then a large number of  people will get infected rapidly. That’s why they are not allowing them to perform the funeral here.

Despite all the opposition, the district administration takes the dead body at Subarnrekha crematorium located at Electric Burning Yard.

The local people created disturbance and opposed the rituals at Bhuyiyandih crematorium by throwing stones. The crowed also pelted stones on the police who tried to clear the crowd.

The news spread all around and more people gathered there. They were not agreed to allow the funeral on Bhuiyandih crematorium.

“Here is the arrangement of electric burning in the crematorium which will not lead the infection to spread further, ” said the district administration.

But the crowd did not agreed with the police  and started throwing stones on the them in which two lady officers got injured. On seeing this, the police started chasing people. The police lathi-charged on people and filed case in Sitaramdera Police Station.

Soon after lathi charge the crowd cleared  and then finally the last rites was performed by the police and the district administration in the presence of the SDM.

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