Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Mahato & Others Raised Voiced Against The Arrest Of Rajiv Duggal

Jamshedpur 30 April 2020: Jamshedpur MP Bidyut Baran Mahato Raised Voice Against The Arrest Of Famous Businessman Rajiv Duggal.

MP, Bidyut Baran Mahato posted a message on his Facebook and twitter official account against the arrest of the famous businessman Rajiv Duggal.

MP, Bidyut Mahato Tweeted that he knows Rajeev Duggal since childhood as a man who have earned success through his hard work. He also raised question on who made Rajeev Duggal Accused in Hotel Alcor Case and Why?

Jamshedpur Hotel and Restaurant Association Also Raise Voice Against The Arrest Of Rajiv Duggal

The members of the Jamshedpur Hotel and Restaurant Association have also expressed their resentment and concern over the arrest and jailing of Hotel Alcor owner Rajiv Duggal.

The members contended that the incidents that allegedly occurred in the Hotel Alcor premises were subject to investigation and if something irregular did happen, sending the owner to jail was not justified. One of the Association official stated, “It is not compulsory for the owner of a large establishment to keep tabs on every individual employee. If a proprietor of an establishment has to go to jail for the erring of one or a few employees, then it would be very difficult for a businessman, industrialist or builder to run a business.”

The Association feels that Rajiv Duggal’s arrest is the result of some deep rooted conspiracy. The Jamshedpur Hotel and Restaurant Association has, in a letter to the state DGP and Chief Minister requested legal action against the conspirators whose actions led to the unfair jailing of Hotel Alcor owner Rajiv Duggal.

Jamshedpur Sikh Community Also Raised Voice Against The Arrest Of Rajiv Duggal


Following the arrest of leading industrialist and hotelier Rajiv Dugal, Sikh community of the city expressed their anger on Wednesday by sporting black badges and calling the action as injustice to the community. Members of the community were seen wearing black badges and also shared their pictures in social media asking the community to unite.

A delegation of the community led by Jharkhand Gurudwara  Prabandhak Committee president Sardar Shailendra Singh met deputy commissioner Ravi Shanker Shukla and demanded a fair probe. The delegation also handed a memorandum to the deputy commissioner. The delegation sporting black badges and maintaining social distancing lodge their protest.

Rajiv Duggal Arrest

Rajiv Duggal was arrested after Bistupur police raided hotel Alcor on 25th April and found that its salon and spa were open. Police detained three prominent city businessmen— Laddu Mangotia, Rajat Jaggi and Deepak Agarwal — from the hotel premises.

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